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PMCD Mastering for Albums, Demos, Single Songs

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 2:25 pm Download Post

A long-overdue update to this topic...

D.M. Gremlin Productions is now a mastering studio as well as a recording studio. My visit here to the studio in January worked out so well that I have moved back to California and we've made it a continuing partnership. Professional mastering services are now available here at the Long Beach studio on an ongoing basis, with rates for mastering priced to meet the needs of independent artists.

Complete information about my mastering work, along with audio examples, can be found on my web site, Here's a brief overview of the process:

Mastering is multi-stage, meaning that your masters are shaped through a series of fine audio processors, with small adjustments being made in each step. This is quite unlike the use of finalizers or mastering presets, which I like to describe as akin to a sculptor pounding at a piece of stone with a big hammer, and expecting to produce a beautiful statue. This cannot possibly acheive the same level of detail as if the work is done with the right tools, in small increments.

You are invited and encouraged to sit in on and participate in your mastering session. Your input is very important in shaping the final sound of your album. After you leave the session, you should listen to your master in as many listening environments as possible. After doing so, if slight adjustments are desired, you can have one revision and re-burn of your master, at no additional charge.

Masters are provided in PMCD format on archival gold CD's. The PMCD is an audio CD which is run through a series of error-checks to confirm that it meets the quality standards required for glass-master duplication. This ensures that the duplication plant will not reject your master, and that undetected errors can't result in flaws if you're using a short-run duplication facility. The archival gold CD's give the master CD the longest life, with the least degradation over time. You will also receive a reference copy of your master. The PMCD is reserved for duplication, while the reference copy is what you will use for personal listening and copying.

Rates for mastering are $50.00 per hour, with most album mastering sessions running between 5-8 hours, including the realtime burning of the PMCD.
Mastering for a single song is $50.00, and 2-3 song projects generally run from $75.00-$100.00.

Before booking any mastering session, it's a good idea to contact the studio or me directly, as each project has different needs. Once we spend a few minutes discussing the details of your project, I can give a much better estimate of the cost and the length of session we should book for you.

You can also book a listening session prior to the mastering session, which gives us the best opportunity to talk about the direction your project needs to go in mastering. We will listen to your mixes, do some referencing, and also make note of any improvements that can be made in your final mixes that will help bring the most out of your music in mastering.

Bookings for mastering sessions are done just like recording sessions. Check the online appointment calendar for available times, and email the studio at to reserve the time slot you want. Or call anytime, 866-334-4364, with any questions or to book a session by phone.

For questions about mastering, also feel free to contact me directly at my cell phone, 303-888-3690. You can also reach me by email at
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