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Horror Theme Shoot

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:21 pm Download Post

We are going to do the Horror shoot on December 7th, 2008...Here is all the info you should need. If you have any questions, please contact me. Please check out, under "EVENTS" for photo's.



2008 Horror Theme Gettogether


The 2008 Horror Theme Gettogether will be held from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, on December 7th, 2008, in Chatsworth, California.

The facility is a large haunted house venue in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles. The building measures 13,000 square feet as contains a wealth of sets within, including, but not limited to:

# Graveyard
# Dining Room
# Upside-down room
# Nursery
# Kitchen
# Jungle
# Bridge
# Shack
# Waterfall
# Bayou
# Asylum
# Morgue
# Laboratory
# Boiler Room
# Infirmary
# Various cages
# and a Hearse

This locale is primarily used as a haunted maze during October, and has many, many rooms throughout. Some sets are small and may only permit a few people at a time, but the sheer variety more than makes up for this and there are plenty of places to shoot.

Models will be signing a limited release allowing participating photographers to use the photographs for personal and portfolio use. You are welcome to bring your own release, if you so choose, and that arrangement will be between the photographer and the model.


Admission to the event for photographers is $100. Payment can be made through PayPal to the following address: , and needs to be made by 11:59 pm Wednesday night (December 3, 2008).

You MUST reserve your space ahead of time. For photographers who do not pay/reserve by the deadline, the price at the door is $120. So, please, let us know AHEAD of time.

Admission for models is free of charge. But please let us know if you are attending, even if with a photographer.

For all guests, please make sure you let us know ahead of time, so that we can coordinate the proper arrangements.

In the event that our Photography Gettogether is canceled by the hosts (in other words, us) then all funds will be refunded.

The deadline for reserving a place is 11:59 pm , December 3, 2008 (Wednesday night), so don't wait too long.

Basic rules:

All guests need to check in upon arrival.

Photographers need to provide images to models, whether by email, website, CDROM, or print. These individuals are putting in time and talent into the event and deserve to see the fruits of their efforts.

Models MUST bring photo identification. No exceptions. Models will be sign a LIMITED release form, allowing for personal and portfolio use. If different arrangements are made between participating parties, this is fine.

Lighting equipment is not required for participants to bring, but is STRONGLY recommended. Please let us know if you are bringing studio equipment (stands, backdrops, etc), for safety's sake and so nothing "disappears".

Please do not rearrange the sets and props provided. These are not ours and they need to be left how we found them when we leave.

Food needs to be eaten OUTSIDE ONLY, please.

Please do not leave a mess (clean up after yourself).

A few suggestions:

Bring a portfolio. Professionals and amateurs alike would love to see your work and it is a great opportunity to network.

BRING LIGHTS! The natural lighting of the facilities may not be conductive to one's personal vision of the final images. Strobes, hot lights, TTL flashes, or even a lamp with a lightbulb can work.

If a photographer and model are engaged in a session, please ask permission before joining in.

Have fun!

Q & A:

Q: May I bring my own model?
A: Of course. Just please let us know ahead.

Q: Can this model work with only me?
A: Yes.

Q: May I bring my husband / wife / bff / etc?
A: We would prefer professionals and amateurs only. Exceptions MAY be made, but events are intended to be limited to this crowd. Please ask.

Q: May I bring other photographers with me.
A: Yes, but PLEASE arrange this ahead of time. Remember, the admission for "sudden arrivals" is $120, but only $100 for those who reserved and paid in advance.

Q: Is clothing / costuming available?
A: The attire is whatever the models and photographers bring along. The sky's the limit.

Q: Will there be models available?
A: As it stands now, and as is always intended, yes. If you find additional models to bring along, please do! Don't forget to let us know who's coming!

Q: What is the photographer to model ratio?
A: Nothing is set in stone and peoples' schedules are varied. Nonetheless, we will try to recruit as many as humanly possible.

Q: Will there be makeup artists or hair stylists?
A: There are none planned just yet for this event; as such, this will rely on the creativity of our wonderful models. However, we are always open and gracious to any talented MUAs or stylists that wish to join.

Q: Is the admission price set or is it dependent on the number of participants?
A: It is fixed at $100.

Q: Are we working in shifts or is there any set plan?
A: It is whatever you make it to be. We have a full day (9 am until 5 pm) available for our use and can work at whatever pace suits everyone!

Q: Is this time for cd / print (TFCD / TFP)?
A: Yes. If guests choose to make additional arrangements beyond the limited release, then that is fine. Twisted Evil
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