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Board rules and FAQ -- Read me before posting here!

Author:  D. M. Gremlin [ Thu Apr 28, 2005 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Board rules and FAQ -- Read me before posting here!

This is the place to post all of your interesting modeling / photographer stories and to give objective reviews of people you've worked with

A few guidelines -

1.  Try and stay objective.  Don't just say 'she was awesome!' or 'he was a creep!' but go into detail and explain how you came to your conclusion.  

2.  Don't go into detail about the business end of things i.e. don't mention whether it was a TFP shoot or whether it was paid or how much the model asked for or anything like that.  I want to try and avoid a 'hey, it said on this website you did a TFP with this person, why won't you do the same for me?' or 'you only charged this person $xxx for this shoot, why are you charging me more?' type of situations, and I'll erase any details like this from a post.  

3.  Please include links to any model / photographer / studio / location that you are talking about so the rest of us can easily find what you are describing.  

4.  You may upload pictures here, but please keep the images at 72dpi and no larger than 256k / 800x600.  


I'll add more guidelines here as I think of them - if you have any to suggest, please create a topic about it or PM me.