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OPEN MIC NIGHT - PORTFOLIO'S (Wednesdays at 9pm)

Author:  wynnesome [ Thu Jan 26, 2006 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  OPEN MIC NIGHT - PORTFOLIO'S (Wednesdays at 9pm)

Yay, we finally got back to Portfolio's, the coffee shop we liked a lot the first time we played their open mic.   It was a real rush to the signup sheet, a full house tonight, but we got in there and got signed up for our slot.

Tonight we played a song backing up an artist whose album we're producing/engineering. She's a really cool singer, writes pretty heavy songs, and has a powerful voice to carry it off. We did it acoustic, of course, but it was still strong and heavy. Lots of fun to play, and we really got into it. I think she enjoyed being up there performing her own song, too.

Other than that, the open mic was a mixed bag, as they often are. We saw several people we've seen/met before at other open mics. One particular duo that we find very irritating, and a couple of other nice people. A girl who told us she had seen us play a different night, and a guy we chatted with at Portfolio's last time. Also, the hostess was very nice and remembered us from before, too.
Some interesting music tonight, a couple of other groups/duos, one guy had this little miniature drum kit he played on, and another guy had a djembe and was a good percussionist.

A fun night all around, really got me psyched to go out and play some more rock music again!