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Studio Open House, Feb 27, 2008, 6pm-midnight

Author:  wynnesome [ Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Studio Open House, Feb 27, 2008, 6pm-midnight

D. M. Gremlin Studios will be holding its 3rd studio Open House night on Feb. 27, from 6pm-midnight. The first two events last year were small and a lot of fun. We had bbq out in the back lot, great conversation, and the studio was open for impromptu photo sessions. There's also always the possibility of musicians having a jam session, too. Come at any point during the evening, and make your visit as short or long as you like.

It's a fun social evening to meet other people who use the studio in different ways - musicians, models, photographers, friends, and family members. Feel free to bring guests. The studio provides the space, and some soft drinks. After that, everyone who wants to make dinner part of the evening pitches in a few bucks for food, and we make a food run to the market up the street. Completely informal.

For current studio clients, no RSVP is necessary, just come on over!

If you've never been here before and want to check out the studio, please RSVP in advance. Email the studio at studio@dm-gremlin.com, or call 866-334-4364. Or reply to this forum thread so we will be expecting you.

Hope to see everyone here!