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Studio Open House Photo Shoot Policy

Author:  wynnesome [ Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Studio Open House Photo Shoot Policy

It has been our pleasure to coordinate and offer some fantastic photo shoot opportunities at our monthly studio Open House events.

For 2011, Open House will continue to be a free monthly event. There is NEVER a charge to attend the Open House event.

Most months, the event will offer "open casual shooting" with no shooting fee, and no formal sets or styling.
On occasion, we will feature a formal shoot, with a small fee required only for those who wish to take part in that shoot.

Each month on the Open House web site and at the studio at the event, we will announce and post information for that month's open shooting and/or production shooting.

Open Studio/Open Casual Shooting Guidelines:
offered in one or both shooting rooms at most months' events
**No charge.
**No nude shoots.
**Studio is open to those who wish to model/photograph in a group/collaborative format.
**No formal sets or styling are provided - standard photo backdrops are set up with studio lighting gear available for use.
**Each photographer is responsible to exchange contact information with anyone she/he shoots, and to provide images directly to the model(s) after the event. The studio is NOT a go-between for providing contact information and forwarding images from photographers to models after the event.
**Model releases are negotiable directly between parties shooting together during the event. Models, if you plan to shoot, please be willing to sign a promotional-use model release for each photographer. It is at the discretion of the model as to whether to sign any commercial-use release for images shot at Open House.
**Photographers who do not provide images to models within one month after the Open House (i.e. before the next month's event) will not be invited to shoot at future Open House events.

Formal Production Shoot Guidelines:
announced periodically as special events
**For the events where we include a formal shoot, there is no requirement to participate, and no charge to attend Open House. Fee is for the production shoot only.
**The Open House web site and event posts will include the shoot details and fee.
**No cameras will be permitted on the set beyond those who have chosen to pay the fee and shoot. Set may be open or closed to observation by non-participants, at the discretion of the studio.
**Other areas of the studio may or may not still be open for casual shooting with no charge. Details will be posted before and at the event.
**Those who wish to participate in the formal shoot can decide upon entry to the event, and pay the shoot fee (cash only) at the door.
**The studio will provide promotional model releases, which provide for portfolio display of images shot by participating photographers.
**At the discretion of the studio per event, photographers may or may not be permitted to bring/use their own model releases. Where the option is given, the signing of any release beyond the specified event release is to be negotiated between photographer and model. Models may choose to sign or decline any additional release, including charging their own fee for the signing of any additional release.

Author:  NevaehLleh [ Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2009 Studio Open House Photo Shoot Policy

I for one will be really happy to see these changes taking place. Very Happy Yay for new directions!

Author:  wynnesome [ Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2009 Studio Open House Photo Shoot Policy

*nod* We go with the flow... and then re-direct it if we don't like where it's headed! I think it will work out well this way. Still some great shoots for a very small fee, and a reminder to participants to place a little value on what everyone puts in to make an event like this happen.