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Feb 25: Studio Open House Night

Author:  wynnesome [ Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Feb 25: Studio Open House Night

We'll continue the monthly Open House tradition on Friday February 25, 2011, from 6pm-midnight.

Full event information on the newly revamped Open House web page: http://www.starkravenmusic.com/openhouse.html

The past few months have seen so many of our "new" attendees becoming friends and regulars, returning month after month for inspiring and creative gatherings and photo shoots. Check out images from January's 'Blue Collar' bodypaint shoot, last October's Spooky Halloween shoot, and 2010's July Open House, June Open House, and May Open House to see just a few highlights!

All of this will keep on rolling in February, with the studio available for tours, open shooting, and networking. Bring portfolios, business cards, cameras, and everyone is welcome to pose and/or shoot, on a TFCD basis.

RSVP policy:
**If you have never been to the studio before, please RSVP including the name of each guest coming with you.
**If you've been here before, no RSVP is required for yourself.
**If you are bringing guests who have not been here before, either:
a) RSVP with the name of each guest you are bringing, or
b) have each of your guests RSVP on their own behalf

All RSVP's should be made to studio@dm-gremlin.com, and are due by 48 hours in advance of the event - for the 2/25 Open House, the RSVP deadline is 6pm on Wed 2/23.

Thank you![/url]