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Aug 22: Intro to Studio Photo Shooting repeats - basics of studio gear

Author:  wynnesome [ Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Aug 22: Intro to Studio Photo Shooting repeats - basics of studio gear

Registration now open for Aug 22 class date, with four spots available.

Before you can get creative in the studio environment, you have to have a basic comfort level with the lighting and equipment you'll be using to shape your shots. This class is designed to meet that goal, whether you're coming into the studio just starting in photography, or having previous shooting experience in available light/outdoor shooting.

The classes will be presented/demonstrated using D. M. Gremlin Studios' complement of AlienBees strobe lights and Pocket Wizard wireless transceivers. However, the information covered applies to a wide range of studio lighting equipment, whether you're shooting here or elsewhere.

The class is offered on an ongoing basis, with new dates being added monthly.
Each session is 3 hours, $60/person to register, and each class will offer hands-on practice to a small group of 2-4 photographers.

Location is D. M. Gremlin Studios in Long Beach, CA.
Please contact the studio at studio@dm-gremlin.com or 866-334-4364 for further information or to register.

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