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D. M. Gremlin Studios
6053 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90805

We are located just off the junction of the 91 & 710 freeways in North Long Beach, about 25 minutes south of downtown LA.

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Parking for Studio B:

  All building entry/exit and loading for Studio B (photography studio) takes place through the building's front door (Atlantic Ave entrance). Please use street parking for immediate arrival and entry/load-in. Once you're on-site and loaded in, then, if desired, please make face-to-face inquiry as to availability of space in the studio's gated back parking lot.
  Free street parking is usually available on Atlantic Ave, within half a block, and often directly in front of the studio building. Signs indicate a two-hour parking restriction 8am-6pm Mon-Sat, and a Wed morning street sweeping restriction. Parking enforcement in the area is quite lax, but parking in violation of posted restrictions is at the client's own risk. Parking is unrestricted on 60th and 61st Streets, a half-block each north and south of the studio. The studio has a small back parking lot with space for up to three guest vehicles, available for photo studio clients when not occupied by clients using the back recording studio (Studio A).
  The D. M. Gremlin Studios back parking lot is accessed through the parking lot of the Stallion Inn motel, the connected building to our immediate north. THE STALLION INN PARKING LOT MAY NOT BE USED AS A PAKING OR WAITING AREA BY STUDIO TRAFFIC AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY DURATION, NO MATTER HOW MOMENTARY. You may be here just once or periodically, but studio arrivals/departures are ongoing, 7 days a week. Please help us maintain good relations with our neighboring business by observing this courtesy toward their premises - thank you! With this noted, vehicles parked in the Stallion Inn Motel parking lot that do not belong to motel guests are subject to tow without warning.
  If requesting use of the studio's back parking lot, please use street parking upon arrival, then request entry to the studio's parking lot face-to-face once you're on site. We'll let you know if and how many spaces are available in the back lot, and unlock the gate for you. Once cleared to do so, pull in all the way to the back of the motel parking lot, and turn left to pass between the two columns and through the off-white gate leading into the studio lot. It's a fairly tight maneuver, so take it slow. We'll direct you into the available parking space(s).

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