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** Rates listed apply to bookings confirmed at least 48 hours in advance of the reservation date/time.
** Short-notice rates apply to bookings being confirmed less than 48 hours in advance.
** For new client first-time bookings, confirmation requires completion of payment in advance.
** First-time rental requests made less than one full week in advance may be subject to short-notice rates.
** In the interest of maintaining our low rates, we are unable to provide free studio tours.

For general booking information, please review this section.
Full booking terms and policies are listed here.


Small Groups:
(up to 6 individuals in/out across any rental period)

Hourly: $20
Half-day (5 hours): $90 ($18/hr)
Add'l hours past 5 in same rental: $18/hr

Large Groups:
(7-15 individuals in/out across any rental period)

Hourly: $25
Half-day (5 hours): $110 ($22/hr)
Add'l hours past 5 in same rental: $22/hr


Studio strobe light operations ~~ Wireless flash sync ~~ Camera settings in manual (M) exposure mode

** Class is a 2-hour private session for single participant, or a 3-hour session for 2-4 participants.
** Booking process is the same as for rental reservations: provide the details listed here; payment in advance is required; payment/confirmation must take place at least 48 hours in advance or short-noti
ce rates apply.

PHOTO SHOOT ASSISTANT SERVICES - $20/hr in addition to studio rental fees

** Studio owner is present during shoot, providing requested assistance to photographer and/or model(s).
** Request any degree of assistance, guidance, or instruction in shooting styles and lighting techniques.
** Include this request with reservation request details in order to ensure availability.

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** Email: studio@dm-gremlin.com ~~ Telephone: 866-334-4364 (voice calls/voicemail; no text messaging).
** Please leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, and question if you would like a return phone call.
** We're diligent and prompt in returning correspondence. If you have not received a reply within 24 hours of contacting us, it almost certainly means we never received your message. Technology is fallible (and humans are too). So if we missed you, we apologize, and ask that you please re-send your email or give us another call so that we can help you.

** Photography studio rental is available 7 days a week, by reservation.
** Studio has no set earliest or latest booking hours.
** Studio books in one-hour increments, for time frames of one hour to twelve hours.
** Bookings can begin on any hour or half-hour.
** One-hour studio rentals be available during more limited time frames (usually before 11:30am and after 6pm).
** In order to maintain our low rates, we are unable to provide free studio tours.

** Our online calendar can be viewed here.
** Calendar can be viewed by day, week, or month. Mouse over any entry to view start/end times and further details.
** The calendar is READ-ONLY; you can not enter reservations into the calendar. Only the studio can enter reservations.
** Entries denoted "Studio B" indicate confirmed photo studio reservations (hours no longer available).
** Entries denoted "Studio A" indicate recording studio bookings, and in most cases, photo studio reservations can overlap, as long as start/end times are staggered (Studio A and Studio B reservation neither beginning nor ending at same time).
** Minimum interval of 30 minutes must remain open between any two Studio B reservations to allow for load-in/load-out and tidying/resetting of studio between clients.
** Entries denoted "OUT OF STUDIO" indicate time frames not available for booking.
** The online calendar is kept up-to-date, but is a guide, rather than a guarantee, of availability. Sometimes a time that appears unbooked may still be unavailable, due to reservations pending confirmation, or other special circumstances.

** Posted rates apply to reservations being confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.
** Short-notice rates apply to reservations being confirmed less than 48 hours in advance.
** Non-refundable payment in advance is required to confirm new client first-time bookings.
** To allow for the steps of the first-time booking process, first-time reservation requests should be sent at least one full week in advance, or short-notice rates will most likely apply.

** For new client first-time bookings, the steps in the booking process are: 1. Provide complete reservation request details; 2. Review of terms and policies; 3. Payment arrangements; 4. Completion of payment, resulting in confirmation.
** For established clients in good standing (having completed one or more previous reservations), no advance payment or deposit is required. Reservations still must be confirmed (request sent by client; confirmation returned by studio) at least 48 hours in advance, or short-notice rates apply. Cancellation policies will be reviewed prior to second-time studio booking (first time no payment takes place in advance)

** Studio booking constitutes a binding contract between the booking client and D. M. Gremlin Studios.
** The booking client (person providing their own information and corresponding through the booking process) must be at least 18 years of age and legally competent to enter into a contract.
** Reservation requests and cancellation/rescheduling requests by the client must be made in writing via email. Reservation and appointment confirmations, cancellation or rescheduling confirmations, booking terms review information, payment information, and notices of past-due/delinquent accounts will be provided by the studio in writing via email.
** Our goal is to create a positive experience by providing clear and complete information, facilitating matching expectations between client and studio. We WANT you to understand what we commit to you, and what responsibilities you incur toward us, with your booking. Please inquire if you ever have any questions about booking terms, payment terms, cancellation terms, or any other areas pertaining to studio terms and policies. ** Full listing of photography studio terms and policies can be found further down on this page, here.

Reservation Requests:
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Please make studio rental requests via email to studio@dm-gremlin.com.
Rates listed on this page apply to bookings confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.
First-time rentals are confirmed upon completion of payment (details below).
Please provide complete first-time rental requests (including all of the following details) at least 5-7 business days in advance of the requested rental date..

(Please note that client contact information is confidential, for studio records only, and never sold nor shared.

  • Your full name
  • Acknowledgement that you are at least 18 years of age
  • Current residential street address/city/state/zip code (no PO boxes)
  • Best contact telephone number
  • Date, start time, and end time of the reservation you are requesting
  • Total number of individuals, including yourself, to be in/out during the rental period. Include in count every person, whether shoot participant or guest, to be in the studio for any part of all of the rental period (not just largest group in at any one time).
  • NOTE ANY SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS such as animals, candles, bodypaint, acrobatics, or any activities or props that could present risk of injury to shoot participants or damage to studio equipment or facilities.

For current clients who have completed at least one rental with us, we'll have your contact information on file, so ongoing reservation requests need only to include your full name along with the requested date, start/end time, shooting room, and head count. When requesting a new reservation, please do keep us updated with any changes to your home address, telephone number, or email address since your last booking. Thank you!

In the event that you have not received a reply within 24 hours, please re-send your reservation request to ensure that we've received it. Once we have received your booking request, we will either reply with confirmation that your reservation has been entered into the scheduling calendar (for established clients), or move forward to terms review and payment arrangements if you're a first-time client who has never rented from us before. Confirmed reservations are a binding legal contract. Terms will always be reviewed prior to confirmation of initial rental. Request for studio rental booking indicates agreement with the studio's Terms and Policies listing, below.

Initial Reservation Payment Information:
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Initial rental payment terms (first reservation only):
Our standard booking rates apply to reservations confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.
For the initial booking with any first time client, confirmation takes place upon completion of payment.  The reservation is entered into the studio's calendar when payment is completed (time not held prior to payment).  First-time reservation, once paid, is non-refundable, locked to the date/time as booked.  Future reservations by clients in good standing do not require any further advance payments or deposits, and are governed by a more flexible cancellation/rescheduling policy, which is also described within our Terms and Policies listing, below.

Initial reservation payment options (first reservation only):
1. Cash payment by appointment at the studio with receipt provided (appointments must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance; appointment is 5 min in studio lobby; no studio tour included)
2. Mailed payment by United States Postal Money Order, purchased at the US Post Office (please allow 2-3 business days for delivery)

Terms & Polices:
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General Booking Terms:
  • Studio reservations and fees are in increments of one hour.
  • Our standard booking policy requires reservations to be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. For reservations requiring advance payment, confirmation includes completion of payment.. Short-notice booking policy and fees (2x posted rates) apply to any reservations being confirmed less than 48 hours in advance.
  • The renting client (the person making the reservation) must be at least 18 years of age and competent to enter into a legal contract.
  • The renting client must be present in the studio for the duration of the rental period. No crew or personnel will be admitted to the studio without the renting client present. Exceptions may be made at the studio's discretion and by advance arrangement only, for agencies or production companies renting the studio for commercial projects.
  • The renting client is responsible for any loss or damage to studio equipment or facilities by anyone who enters the studio in conjunction with the rental. For Studio B, an additional $10 cleaning fee above the studio rental fees will be due in cash at the end of any shoot if food spills, stains, or splatters are left in the microwave or refrigerator.
  • The studio assumes no responsibility for any injury to any client or person entering the studio or for any property or equipment brought by any client or person to the studio, including vehicles and their contents.
  • If the studio has availability continuing past the original reservation, at the discretion of the studio, extensions to the scheduled reservation may be available upon request at the time of the reservation.
Payment Terms:
  • For all general reservations not requiring advance payment, payment is accepted in cash only, due in full prior to the scheduled end time on the date of the booked reservation. For all cash payments, whether in advance or at time of rental, bills up to $20 (no $50/$100 bills; no coins) are accepted. Exact change is always appreciated, and is required for any reservation ending at or past the hour of 9:00pm. Receipts are available upon request.
  • Non-refundable full payment in advance is required for the initial reservation(s) made by any new client. "Initial reservation(s)" refers to any rental reservation(s) booked by the client prior to the completion of the client's first studio rental. Non-refundable advance payment may be required for any booking, at discretion of the studio, in cases where rental time is being requested by a client with a previous past-due account.
  • Advance payments may be made by one of two methods:
    ** Cash payment in person at the studio, by appointment. Available appointment times will vary, and all payment appointments will need to be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance. Payment appointments take about 5 minutes; a receipt is provided, and the studio is not open for tours/walk-throughs during payment appointments.
    ** Mailed payment in the form of a United States Postal Money Order, available for purchase at a U.S. Post Office. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery of mailed payments . Mailing method is at the discretion of the client; studio is not liable for lost/delayed mail items or funds contained therein.
  • Additional hours added to the reservation on the day of the rental, and/or additional fees for background paper, ringflash rental, or for moving from small group to large group rate, are payable in cash only, at the time of the rental.
  • A receipt will always be provided for cash payment being made in advance of a reservation date. For any payment being made at time of rental, if a receipt is desired, it must be requested at time of payment. We can not provide receipts when requested at a later date for reservations/payments completed at previous dates.
Cancellation Policies:
  • "Cancellation" includes full cancellations, as well as partial cancellations (shortening the booked time frame to include fewer hours).
  • "Rescheduling" includes shifting the booked time block to a different starting time within same date, or shifting the booked reservation to a different date.
  • First time reservations, or any other reservations where advance payment is made, are non-refundable and confirmed for the date and time specified, with no option to cancel, reschedule, or change the starting and/or ending time of the reservation.
  • For all general reservations not requiring advance payment, cash payment is due at the studio as of the start time of the scheduled reservation, unless notice of cancellation or request to reschedule is provided by the client and confirmed by the studio as follows:
    ** For rentals booked for weekdays (Mon-Fri), notice of cancellation or rescheduling must be provided and acknowledged no later than 48 hours in advance of the reservation's scheduled start time.
    ** For rentals booked for weekends (Sat/Sun), notice of cancellation or rescheduling must be provided and acknowledged at least one full week in advance, i.e. by the reservation's scheduled starting time on the Saturday prior for Saturday reservations; the Sunday prior for Sunday reservations.
    ** For any Full Studio/Full Day rental, regardless of day of the week, notice of cancellation or rescheduling must be provided and acknowledged by one full week in advance. Notice applies to changes to the confirmed booking including reduction in number of booked hours, or switching to a single-studio reservation for Studio A or B only. One full week is defined as the start time and day of the week of the scheduled reservation, in the calendar week prior to the booked date. For example, notice of cancellation or rescheduling of a Full Studio/Full Day booking scheduled for a Monday at 10am would need to be provided and acknowledged no later than 10am the Monday prior.
  • Cancellation notice is not valid until acknowledged by the studio. Studio is not responsible for non-delivery of messages due to failure of email or telephone service. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the studio has received notice of cancellation or rescheduling by noting the reply from the studio that will be provided in response to that request. Until acknowledgement of the cancellation or rescheduling has been made by the studio, the booking is still in the studio calendar and the client is still responsible for the reservation and liable for payment for the studio hours as booked.
  • For any cancellation or rescheduling made with less notice than required by the above defined time periods, cash payment for the booked hours is due at the studio as of the scheduled start time of the reservation as booked. Arrangements to complete payment at an alternate time or by alternate payment method are solely at the discretion of the studio.
  • For any studio booking where payment is not completed by the end time of the scheduled reservation, the account will be considered Past Due. After 30 days, a Past Due account will be considered Delinquent. Delinquent accounts are subject to collections actions including small claims court at the discretion of the studio, with any collection fees/court fees accruing to the past due amount owed.
Entry/Exit and Load-In/Load-Out:
  • Entry/load-in time for any reservation is no earlier than 15 minutes before the start time of the reservation. Load-out and exit must be completed by 15 minutes after the end time of the reservation. Additional fees will apply at the hourly studio rate if load-out extends beyond this period.
  • Studio back parking lot access follows load-in and load-out times. Vehicles may not be parked in the studio's back lot more than 15 minutes prior to the start time of the scheduled reservation, and must be pulling out of the studio's parking lot no later than 15 minutes after the end time of the scheduled reservation.
  • Studio A enters, exits, and loads in/out through the building's back door (parking lot entrance). Studio B enters, exits, and loads in/out through the building front door (Atlantic Ave entrance). Both studios share the back parking lot for vehicle parking (back lot shooting access is restricted to Studio A). For Studio B, the two-hour street parking directly outside the front door more than accommodates temporary parking for immediate load-in access. The renting client is responsible for directing all personnel to the appropriate building entry.
  • Studio address and map links, along with detailed parking information, can be found here. The renting client is responsible to provide this information and their own contact information to all crew and personnel. Studio staff are occupied with setup and preparation immediately prior to a rental, and will not be available by phone to assist with directions or entry instructions.

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